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The Sustainable Furniture

Group Work 

Narangi is a sustainable multi-functional furniture. The roots of Narangi’s design philosophy are entwined within India’s rich cultural beliefs and practice systems. Narangi brings to the world the Indian ideology of sustainability, where economic, social, cultural and environmental sustainability are given equal importance.Material used - Acacia and Walnut WoodNarangi is-1. Handcrafted 2. Made out of local materials3. Portable4. Cost effective5. Multi-functionalNarangi is moulded by the user(s). The user(s) have complete control over what function Narangi plays in their spaces. The user can choose to use it as a table, low seat sofa, bench/charpai, c-table, stool, ottoman and even more.

Low seat sofa
Low seat sofa
Screenshot 2021-01-07 at 2.23.26 AM.png
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